Monday, October 19, 2009


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We did. It has gotten chilly in the south! We braved the cold and wind to watch mini#2's soccer game Saturday morning. Then we did some cleaning out of old clothes, cleaning my closet, etc. until we met friends for dinner. We had the best cobb salad and pizza and then we took our kids for dessert here. It's in downtown Raleigh (or Glenwood South technically). Loved the red velvet flavor. Also loved the mocha one. Mr. Pink and I shared these two. Very cute shop. Glad it's not very accessible to me though. I'd pop in daily to try new flavors! Like the pumpkin with maple buttercream that I really wanted Saturday night.

Sunday church, more cleaning for me while Mr. Pink took the minis to see "Where the Wild Things Are". He didn't like it so much, but the kids did. Then dinner at home where, as usual, one mini didn't like it. Will I ever have a time when they both like what I make? It's killing me.

Today I've already dropped off loads at Goodwill, dropped off mini#2 for school, dropped off dry cleaning and bought milk/bread at the grocery store! Off to the gym for a quick workout before I retrieve mini#2 who is anxiously awaiting to go to Target to spend his gift card that had been lost until we joyously (him) found it again this weekend.

Have a great day! Nothing but sun here and a gradual return to the 70's this week.