Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I hear this is good. Let's be the judge.

Last week while chatting with the mommies on mini#2's field trip to a nature park, we discussed recipes. One mom
gave us this easy (Weight Watcher's) recipe for pumpkin muffins/cupcakes. I'm a little premature to post because I'm actually making these later today. However, thought I'd go ahead and post. Let's try it together and see if they're as good as she says they are...in other words, kids even eat them!!!
PUMPKIN MUFFINS (that won't have you looking like a pumpkin)
1Box Spice cake mix (Duncan Hines)
1 small can pumpkin (plain old pumpkin, not the pie filling)
2 tbsps water
1 egg white (she didn't tell me this, but saw on WW site that this makes them a little fluffier)
Follow pkg directions for cupcakes and then top off with a little cream cheese frosting if desired.
Use 1/3 less fat cream cheese, a little butter, vanilla and powdered sugar (sorry I don't have amounts). You can also make a glaze with powdered sugar and orange juice. Of course, then they won't be as low fat......
I'll update you soon to see if they are kid (and mommy) approved.
Much better day today although typing right now is painful. I took the "muscle" class this morning at the gym. Wouldn't you know I had the instructor that causes you limp for 3 days after her classes! My arms are already sore! No pain, no gain they say!
**Update- They are so good and easy! I skipped the water, but added the egg white. My kids and the neighbor loved them best with a tiny bit of cream cheese glaze instead of my o.j. glaze. Lisa commented that she makes them in mini muffin tins. Good idea, too!


Freck said...

Awww, that picture is so cute!!

Lisa said...

I make muffins like this but believe it or not, all I use is a Spice Cake mix and a can of pumpkin. That is it. I use a mini muffin pan. They aren't the prettiest muffins you've ever seen and my family has named them "Ugly Muffins". My daughter's high school soccer team used to request them before every soccer game. Everyone always loves them and they are so easy.

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Those sound delicious! Any idea waht the points are?

Can't wait to try them.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Lisa- Mini-muffins sound great!

Seersucker- not sure of the points. I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

Yum, that sounds good!