Monday, August 31, 2009

A few outings

This weekend was a lot of fun. That sounds boring, but really it was full of fun outings. Friday night I got together with my friend for sushi while Mr. Pink and the minis had a "guy night" and ordered pizza and watched movies at home. I tried seaweed salad for the first time. Good. Bring along dental floss if you try it though. Then she and I finally got to see Julie and Julia. We were anticipating the release of this one. Very good. I kept wanting to say "Bon Appetit" and whip up a French dish afterwards. Meryl Strep proved, once again, what a brilliant actress she is.

Saturday, we were off to soccer bright and early for mini#2. I loved watching him get into the game. He is not scared to pursue that ball! Afterwards we followed some neighbors and their kids to our favorite local drive up hamburger place (think Sonic, but 1000 times better) near our college campus and then headed out to our football stadium for a quick tailgate before we went inside for "Meet the Pack" day, NC State University's day for fans to get autographs. Mr. Pink stood for an hour and a half in the sun to meet the quarterbacks. One mini would stay with him for a while and I would take the other mini to various lines (defense, offense, linebackers...) and then go retrieve the other mini from Mr. Pink. It worked out well. I talked mini#2 into standing with the "pretty girls" aka NC State's cheerleaders for a photo. It was so cute, but he was embarrassed at first. The grand finale was meeting the coach, Tom O'Brien, and mini#2 got to sit in his lap for a photo I took with the minis and Mr. Pink.

Sunday, I got suckered into nursery duty at church and had to watch the "bed babies". Yikes! There were 12 babies a year and under. I miss having babies, but this was just enough to satisfy my loss of infants. Play, play and then give back to parents. Afterwards, we took the boat out to the lake. Next door neighbors also went with their boat. It was a nice, slightly cooler day. The kids played for about 3 hours and back home again. Long, fun weekend.
Today it's raining and back to laundry! And it's only going to be 69 degrees today!!??


Anonymous said...

What a great pic of your son with the cheerleaders!

Domestic Diva said...

Way cute!! He is going to love that picture!!
Have a fabulous day!!!! xxx me