Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

In 1970 (year of my birth):

- My dad did not hold me until I was 7 days old (in our driveway) when they brought me home. No daddies in the delivery room and apparently no holding allowed either.

- This week in 1970, the #1 song was "Close to You" by The Carpenters.

- Sesame Street premiered on PBS 2 months after I was born.

- Nobody had infant car seats! Can you imagine?

- Breastfeeding was "out"!

- No baby monitors, no boppys, no collapsible multi-use strollers.

- I slept on my stomach all night, every night and I'm here to write about it.

- I wore cloth diapers, before it was a "statement". It was the only choice!

- My poor pregnant mom drove a blue Volkswagon Bug throughout the hot summer with NO AIR CONDITIONING!

Some people I share a Birthday with:

- Julia Child

-Debra Messing


-Tom Colicchio (Top Chef)

-Ben Affleck

-Princess Ann of England (always thought that was cool growing up)

-Kerri Walsh (Olympic Volleyball player/medalist)

- Joe Jonas of the Jonas Bros. (turns a young 20 today!!)

Ok, I'm off to enjoy my day. A mani/pedi and then out to dinner later. Have a great weekend!


Kate said...

Happy happy birthday!

Preppy Mama said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you are enjoying your day!!

Kristen said...

wow you share a birthday with some exciting people!!! Can you imagine life with a newborn and no infant car seat or boppy??? We must have it easy compared to our parents! lol Enjoy your day!

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

Happy, happy birthday to you!!! Have a great day!

AEO said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed yesterday to the fullest!!

Jillian, Inc said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was special and I hope your year ahead is blessed in many ways. (And I always marvel at all the safety things that hadn't been thought up yet when we were babies...and we LIVED to tell about it!)

Belle said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!! Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Marla said...

Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Pink Martini said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Sorry I am late but I am slowly catching up. 39 is a mentally tough one. It takes a year to get the courage to face 40. ;) But it truly just a number. Wishing you wonderful year with your men. xoxo