Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I dropped off a forgotten lunchbox at school this morning. Went almost 2 months before this happened.

I met preschool teachers with mini#2 today in his new turtle class. He starts pre-k tomorrow. Tiny hand claps and silent cheers. I think he's tired of me anyway these days.

Just read that the Duggars are expecting #19. WTH? People's site wanted me to vote on a "J" name for this child. I didn't vote. Had there been a write-in vote I would have voted BIRTH CONTROL. I'm just jealous. Her 18 are better behaved than mine on most days!

Basketball class ended today. Mini#2 received a medal. LOVES it. I anticipate him wearing it to bed!

Is Whitney Houston really making an appearance on GMA tomorrow? Has she straightened out her life? Must squeeze this in before preschool drop off.

Got to run. Bus time.


pinkpolkadotaa said...

The first time mine got a trophy he slept with it!

Kristen said...

can you even imagine having 18 kids and being debt free? WTH? I'm definitely jealous. And yes hers are definitely well behaved. I'm not sure I'm strong enough of a mother to keep my kids home and teach them, especially 18 of them! Jeez, sometimes mommy just needs a break and school is a great opportunity for that! lol

Feener said...

how did spin go ???

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Feener- Spin was great. I kept up and didn't fall off!!

The Mrs. said...

Her kids are well behaved because she has an army of teens to care for them!!!!!