Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This guacamole is my new best friend. It is so yummy and it comes in 100-calorie snack packs, too so you don't have to worry about it getting brown or eating too much.
For lunch I'm making a vegetarian wrap in a whole wheat tortilla with black beans, salsa, cilantro, cheese and this guac. Is it lunch time yet??

Busy week. Mini#2 is in VBS (Vacation Bible School) all week from 9-12 so I've been doing errands the first 2 days and now I've got to clean house and get as much done before the kids get home because I promised we would go to the pool today. It's early release day for mini#1. He gets out of school at 1:25 today instead of 2:25. Every Wednesday. So strange.

Other news, the beach was a blast. We drew names to see where we'd sleep. 3 to a room. I lucked out and got the master with it's own bathroom and 2 girls as roomies that I really get along with the best. We talked and read on the beach by day and became dancing fools at night. Saturday night we ate great sushi at a swank establishment that seemed to really enjoy our party of 9 girls. We all enjoyed our surferesque waiter. Think tanned, toned, blonde (just above shoulder) curly hair. Serious eye candy. Although, we are all convinced he snuck out and smoked something funny before he gave us our checks. Man he was so confused and temporarily lost a girl's credit card. We also went to our favorite post-night out lunch spot where they serve the absolute best greasy burgers you could ever want with homemade fries you dip in their homemade ranch dressing. I spilt a mushroom swiss one with one friend. NOW you know why I'm back to counting calories and eating healthy. This is a detox week for me! So much fun, but hope I can hang with the others next year. I was the oldest one there this year (by a month). NO FAIR! We range from 33-38 (for a few days longer anyway).

Ok, wasn't I supposed to start cleaning?


Jillian, Inc said...

Love guacamole...where do you buy it? Your beach trip sounds great - right down to the hunky waiter!

Kristen said...

wholy guacamole I absolutely LOVE that dip! I'm a faithful purchaser of it, weekly..... and I'll confess.... I've sat and eaten an entire pack by myself, shhh....!!!!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Jillian- I bought it at Lowe's Foods. Not sure if those are in ATL. I'll bet Publix carries it.

Kristen- Exactly why I bought the individual packets so I wouldn't eat it all!