Friday, August 14, 2009

I can't stop it.

No, I can't stop it. Tomorrow I turn (cough cough) 39. Yes, readers, it's my first annual 39th Birthday because, and I'm not lying, 40 is going to scare the pee pee out of me next year. I could easily say"Age is just a number." Or "I feel 29." Or "I can't wait to turn 40." while smiling brilliantly, but these would all be lies! So, I will enjoy my birthday with a small gathering of friends and their husbands at a local favorite restaurant tomorrow night and toast to my 39th. Then I will hold onto it for dear life over the next 12 months. I may not feel 29, but I don't feel 39 either. However, 1970 was a long time ago wasn't it? To be honest, I feel pretty good these days. I've actually asked for a gym membership so I can get into some classes and out of the stores this fall when both minis are in school. But, for your enjoyment, here is my "wish list" although #3, I mean #2 is a real possibility tomorrow afternoon.

1- A trip to France. Hopefully, next year for the 2nd annual 39th b-day!

2- A pedicure.

3- Now how did Gerard Butler get on my list?!?!

4- BOTOX ( I just can't do bangs Three for Tippy!)

5- Love this ring, but too expensive. I've already found much cheaper variations.

6- Love these Tory Burch flats, but have only seen in kid's sizes. Oh well, guess I don't really need $225 shoes just to go to Wal-mart and playgroups do I???

7- This Burberry watch is really cute isn't it? Should've showed this to Mr. Pink.

8- Endless, beautiful cupcakes to eat all day without getting sick or gaining an ounce!


The Mrs. said...

Well your list is fabulous and so are you. I'm the same age which is why I'm freaking out too! That's whay I was posting about what I should know by now!!!

cancersucks said...

Happy birthday and I hope you get everything (except for the botox- look at my bangs are the new botox post!) on your list. I turn 40 on 12/26 and am not freaking out b/c of cancer. I am going to celebrate LIFE! Maybe you can, too. I don't feel 39 either. We are young at heart. Enjoy your special day!

Andie said...

Happy Birthday! Your list is fab. BUY THE SHOES! I have them. They are worth every penny.

Kristen said...

oh my Lord those cupcakes look amazing! Have a great birthday!