Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Midweek update

It's Wednesday already? Whew. Time goes by quickly.

My birthday was super fun. Four couples (us included) ate dinner here Saturday night. We got a little rowdy talking/laughing, but who cares, other than the older woman with two men at the next table. Then we migrated to a nearby hotel to a hospitality suite our friend has for 6 weeks while conducting training sessions. We kicked off our shoes and the girls sipped champagne and talked mommy talk while the men drank beer and watched ESPN for a little while. Very nice (new) hotel. All the "stars" stay here when performing in Raleigh. Fun time. We also had a small celebration at lunchtime with Mr. Pink and the minis. I had a pink cake, of course.

This week we've been cramming in some pool time, going to basketball class, running errands and going to the library. Today, mini#2 and I are meeting my friend J for lunch. J was unable to go to our girls' beach weekend because her friend of 30+ years was at the end of her battle with breast cancer. J, an RN, had medical Power of Attorney and was making medical decisions throughout this sad time. Her friend did pass away while we were gone. J is crushed. This woman had a 3 year old son, too so the husband is struggling with all of this change, too. Very sad. 41 is too young to die. Anyway, J makes me laugh so much. She was really missed at the beach. I hope I can make her laugh today. We've already cried together, that's for sure.

Soccer starts this weekend for mini#2. We have 2 more weeks of school for mini#1 and then he's out for 3 weeks. On the flip side, mini#1 starts preschool in 2 weeks! However, he will miss the last week in September. We're off to Disney World. SO- what MUST we see, do, or where should we eat while in Disney? Do share. This planning is scary. I do have reservations at a few restaurants, but need to know what 2 boys (8 and 4) should not miss. I welcome any of your advice.


Kristen said...

Disney World sounds amazing, I'm super jealous! Sounds like you had lots of fun on your birthday, it's great to be able to relax with friends. We started soccer yesterday, 2 nights a week! Seems a little over kill for a 5 year old!

Tippy said...

That made my heart ache - about your friend's friend. So sad. I hope you have a nice lunch with her - it's good to laugh after dealing with tragedy.

So exciting about Disney. I've never been as a mom so I don't know what to tell you. But my neighbors went this summer and they have 9yo and 7yo boys and they loved the Jedi training at Universal.

Have a great day.