Friday, August 21, 2009

Five on Friday

1- Lockerbie bomber released from prison because he's sick and dying. WTH? Does this make you mad or just me? Nice that he's given special consideration of his life when he had NO consideration of 270 lives isn't it?

2- Sell of MIL's house is complete today. A little bittersweet for us, but we are now going to reinvest in a beach condo while prices are low (rather than be heavily taxed).

3- I missed Octomom's reality show. My mom said it was slapping her, not listening, etc. Wow! Need to check it out. Can you imagine having 14 kids? Honestly. I don't even think I could come up with 2 more children's names that I like, let alone a classroom full of names.

4- Trying a new class at the gym tomorrow (birthday present that I actually wanted). Preparing myself not to be able to walk by Monday. But, I'm weird like that. It makes me feel good to workout.

5-We're going bowling with cub scouts Sunday. We've never taken the kids bowling! How did that happen? Should be fun or interesting.

Have a nice weekend!


Pink Martini said...

#1. I can't believe this. There has to be something else that they are not making public. Why would our government not put the pressure on Scotland for this decision? Even the Scottish population is furious about this. Politics. But why? I feel for the families.

Tippy said...

I could never watch the Octo-mom thing. I can barely handle my own life and children - watching some irresponsible inept person deal with 14 children is not entertainment, IMO. Now, Project Runway is a reality show I can do!

Have a great weekend!!

Kate said...

The Octomom thing was crazy. I am mad that I watched-I feel like I was supporting her! The kids are out of control!

Anonymous said...

#1 I totally agree! WTH!

#3 It was interesting and mostly just reaffirmed my original opinion of the girl. She's a whackjob!

The Mrs. said...

Octomom show was horrifying. they made it worse by setting it to scary music!!