Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Things

Busy weekend. Random news:

1-Birthday party was a success. It was like Christmas around here since they had their parties together.

2- I have a short, fat child. Not really. Did have his check-up today and he was 45% for height and 75% for weight. I don't see that looking at him. Oh, well. I never get those things. So if he was in line with 100 kids, 55 would be taller than him? I also opted to go ahead with the 3 shots he needed in order to go to kindergarten. I could have waited another 9-10 months before registration, but what's the point? That's another co-pay, another hour of my precious time, and having to lie about why we were going to the doctor. Today, I wasn't sure if he had to get them or not. I felt so sorry for little guy though. He thought the lady (nurse) was coming back to "do the sticks" (take a throat culture as he is too familiar with). He quickly realized it wasn't the "sticks", but that he was being stuck by three needles! I took him to Target for more car legos (uncle gave him a giftcard) afterwards because I felt awful when that smile turned into crying crocodile tears.

3- Ready for Real Housewives of NY tonight. Per my People magazine daily email, I heard that Luann and the Count are separated. Has he ever been on the show?

4- My head senses pollen is quickly on its way. Does yours? Ugh! Bad headache.

5- My foot is now asleep so I'll stop typing. I just like having 5 items. Got to go look for a recipe now. I'm wanting to make spinach/ricotta stuffed shells tonight.


Mom x 2 said...

I remember freaking out about those percentiles when mini #1 was little and my doctor showed me just how little weight pushes one from 40th percentile to 70th. I am weird about vaccs and I ask the doctor that my kid not get more than 2 shots at a time even though she insists it's fine. So I usually make a "nurse appt" for the next week to get the remaining shot(s) and they don't charge me a copay. Just an FYI for next time.

I heard that about Luann. I mean, The Countess. I've seen him on the show maybe once or twice. I assumed he didn't want to be on TV. I still love Jill. Hubby's traveling tonight so I'll be on the couch watching too!

Kristen said...

yum, dinner sounds excellent! My son turned 5 in January and my baby turned 4 months so I took them both in for shots. It was NOT an enjoyable trip to the doctor!

Feener said...

#4 pollen, YES - i have a tickling cough and i think it is all due to pollen and maple, and other stuff they say is high in the air causing this.

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

I always laugh when they tell me the percentiles. The first 5 Dr. visits for my son...he was in the 10th %tile in height. We were a bit relieved after the 6th visit when he rose to 20th%....we really thought we were going to have a very, very short child. Now he is almost as tall as my daughter and they are 2 years apart!!!! Funny how things work!
I am already over the pollen and have a feeling this Spring will be "h*ll" on the allergies!!!