Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm addicted.

Have you ever had these cookies? Biscoff "Crisp European Cookies". I used to get them on morning flights on Delta Airlines. They are so yummy. They are definitely crisp. I love these brown sugary tea cookies (biscuits). They're made in Belgium, but, (un)fortunately for me I found them in Super Wal-Mart last summer. $2.14 for a long sleeve of these babies. Now I cannot avoid the cookie aisle where these tempt/taunt me every visit. I need an intervention. It's bad. Go get you some! I won't tell a soul.


Pink Martini said...

Oh gosh! I love, love, love those Snackwell Devil's Food cookies. I swear there is something addicting in them and because they are lined up so perfectly, you know when one is taken. It is embarrassing when an hour later after they have arrive home there is one or two left in its neat little compartment. Once my son asked "when did we get these". I said, "oh, I bought them last week". Is that bad or what??? :)

Freck said...

I had some on my Delta flight yesterday and I was surprised at how much I liked them! Hilarious :)

Pink Flamingo said...

Good to know...I love those cookies...absolutely YUMMY!!