Thursday, March 12, 2009

Travel Thursday

My brain is mush. It's teacher appreciation week and mini#2 has been super duck this week (we bring snacks each day). I have been doing some birthday shopping (#2 on Sat) and I have been monitoring spats between the two minis all week because #1 is tracked out.

Therefore I bring you all a new post I will surely continue. Travel Thursdays will bring us tranquility and will temporarily transport us all somewhere kids are not allowed. Only us moms (ok and husbands if they've been sensitive to your needs this week) with unlimited credit cards, bottomless champagne glasses and endless massages. And don't bother bringing your cell phones or blackberrys. Your babysitter is fine with the kids and you can't be bothered! So today we're temporarily going to Positano, Italy on the Amalfi Coast. It's just about 9:00 pm there. Perfect. Cheers! What do you see yourself doing here ladies?


Steph said...

Oh how perfect!
I would be enjoying a meal with great wine and laughing with the girls!

Pink Martini said...

Bella! Bella! Sipping a lemoncello on the veranda. Ciao.

TAW is exhausting! It got totally out of hand when my kids were younger with $200 gift certifs to the mall, decorated door day, spa day, etc. I hope it's more manageable where you are.

AEO said...

Dinner with champagne- lovely!! When does my ticket arrive??? B and I can hope over from Spain after our honeymoon. How does 5/31 sound??

Mom x 2 said...

Since hubby and I were in Positano last May, can I be the tour guide? :-)

We'll go for a leisurely dinner and then have limoncello (well, I'll have a limonata since I'm pg). Then the next morning we'll hop the ferry to Capri and go shopping. Last, we can take a day trip to Ravello and wear our big sunglasses and scarves and pretend we're Jackie. ;-)

The Mrs. said...

OMG. This is the greatest idea ever. I am loving this!