Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Mini#1 and I had a great time in DC. We braved the colder temperatures and made great use of our time. Signs of spring were all around and we barely missed the cherry blossoms. We went to several Smithsonian Museums. He loved seeing the gems and jewels exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History. Rocks are a great interest to mini#1 these days. The Hope diamond was amazing to me and seeing earrings that belonged to Marie Antoinette. Very cool.

He also enjoyed the Air and Space Museum. Who doesn't? He literally had just mentioned wanting to see something about Amelia Earheart and we saw a glass enclosed case housing her leather flight jacket and flight goggles! Then he got excited to see the Wright Brothers exhibit. Here he is below with the famous brothers.

We walked across Key Bridge into Georgetown with my brother and had a great Italian meal at Paolo's restaurant Friday night and then did some shopping, much to mini#1's dismay! We decided to cab it back to the hotel and mini#1 was ecstatic because it was his first cab ride. And a nice one at that. It was a brand new Hybrid something or other! Saturday we headed to the National Aquarium and had a great time hanging out with this little guy below.

He was so friendly coming right up to the glass to see us. Next on to the White House which he's seen before, but never stops being a thrill to see. Then lunch at the ever so elegant Chez McDonald's. Gag! On to the National Museum of American History (Laura Bush's inauguration gown was much prettier on TV!) and back to the hotel for swimming (big deal to mini#1). We then took my brother (car is currently in storage in Europe somewhere) to Alexandria to hit Target, Old Navy and TJ Maxx to search for new pillows and stuff he needs to have shipped this week to Bosnia. After that a quick bite of Mexican food and back to the hotel for exhausted sleep.

Sunday, we walked back into Georgetown and went to Clyde's for brunch. This was probably the highlight of the trip for me. I had been there for dinner years ago and knew this was one of my dad's favorite hangouts in the 60's so it was fun being there with my son. They put us in a cozy corner table and we sat side by side on the leather cushions. Here we chatted about our trip and had a great time "sharing". He even let me hold his hand. I couldn't help but sample his huge plate of DELICIOUS french toast. Ok, and a piece of his bacon. When I make french toast I always call the powdered sugar, "love". I sprinkle it with love. Clyde's was about to ruin it for me though. Mini#1 bought a mood ring in the aquarium and his color kept saying he was "love-able". When he got the french toast he said "Look mom. I must be 'love-able'. They sprinkled it with love too." It was so precious. And that's our trip. I highly recommend spending some one of one time away from home with your children. It's a great experience. They feel special and I felt like a better parent giving dedicated, uninterrupted attention to just one child. I'll finish by posting a photo of my yummy breakfast. This quiche had spinach, portobello mushrooms, swiss cheese, tomatoes and potatoes in it! Cannot even begin to describe the yumminess factor of this.


Belle said...

How fun!

I'm moving.


Mom x 2 said...

That looks like such fun! I am *thinking* of taking mini #1 to Disney World in October. Just the 2 of us. He's never been and his 7th birthday is in October. My husband has zero interest in going and mini #2 is too young. Mini #3 will obviously be too young. I was thinking of asking my MIL to come and stay with them and mini #1 and I would only go for 3 nights. I went when I was 7yo and I wanted to take him before he thinks it's not cool. I don't know - still pondering.

Sounds like you had a great trip. I'll bet it was nice to see your brother too. I've only been to DC once, but I loved it. My favorite was seeing the FDR memorial at night. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love DC! One of my favorite places to visit. When we went the American History museum was closed for renovation. I really want to go back to see the gowns. How lucky you got to see all the beautiful cherry blossoms!

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

Sounds like a great trip! Such sweet time it!!

Quiche is my FAVORITE!!!!!! Sounds delish!!!

Jillian, Inc said...

What fun! DC is high on our list for a trip with the much to do. But right now we have a 3 yo and it would not be fun for him. Maybe in 3 or 4 years.

Kate said...

Sounds like a great visit :)