Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Highlights

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We sure did. Friday we went out to dinner here for my birthday and I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of prosecco bellinis with our delicious dinner. Mr. Pink and I shared tiramisu for dessert and I think it was the best I've ever had. Afterwards, Mr. Pink graciously agreed to go see a French film I wanted to see at the nearby theater I usually go to with my college roomie. If you're reading roomie, take your husband. If Mr. Pink enjoyed this suspenseful thriller at 9:30 on a Friday night after 52,000 hours at work, you two will enjoy it, too.

Saturday, Mr. Pink headed off to his fraternity house for a work day before students moved back into it for the school year. I took the minis to the pool for a couple of hours and then....yes, I did this on my own....I took the minis to "Meet the Pack" day at our college football stadium. Being Junior Wolfpack Club members (since maybe mere minutes after they entered into this world!) we got to go in early, have ice cream and get into lines for player autographs before the general public. Thankfully I ran into a friend of ours and he told me which line to get into first. The quarterbacks/kickers/punters. Duh! The minis were even given an autograph book upon entry. Mini#2 was in heaven gawking at the players. However, he was a little nervous to stand by one of 3 possible QB's for a picture. It was funny. HE IS SOOOO NOT SHY on any other day!
I could only take going through two lines (offense I believe was the other) before we called it quits. It was slightly WARM in the sun! We did get a photo of #2 standing in front of the table where Coach O'Brien was. The line was just too long to wait to see him. You're bored I'm sure, but I must tell you that #2 sleeps with footballs, helmets and his favorite reading material is the monthly "Wolfpacker" magazine we receive. He scrutinizes every picture and is highly upset when he sees a Tarheel player in any of the photos! Let's just say this magazine provides ME precious minutes of peace.

Sunday, Mr. Pink went to play golf with 3 neighbors (all of whom watched their kids while their wives were at the beach with me last weekend) and then went to the golf tournament in Greensboro. Once again I had entertainment duty with the minis. The highlight was going to our neighborhood's nature trail and visiting the pond to feed the turtles and geese. I'll spare the horrendous walk there when mini#2 was having a meltdown and wanted to stop walking altogether. It's amazing how many turtles there are in that lake/pond. We saw bluish lizards and a couple of frogs along the way and two deer on the way home. A very educational journey I'd say! Then we had neighbors over for pizza since their daddy was with Mr. Pink at the tournament. All in all a very good weekend!

Look for the turtles amongst the geese.

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Belle in Bloom said...

Dinner, prosecco bellinis and a French film sounds like a wonderful birthday with your Hunny.

Your boys are adorable!