Monday, August 25, 2008

Running around, dancing and a transforming bus!

So far today I've:

1- Gone to the bank to notarize a preschool form.

2- Gone by the pediatrician to drop off a medical form, sign a release and request immunization records. I'm a little late doing this. It may or may not have slipped my mind. Is the mind the first to go? I'm well on my way.

3- Dropped other paperwork off at the preschool. No one was there. The director wasn't even in her office so I attached an argyle post-it note (thanks Belle in Bloom!) to the paperwork and left it on her desk. Then mini#2 and I located his "duck" class and the playground for a sneak preview. I really played it up, but not necessary. He's already extremely excited to start.

4- Went in search of new tennis shoes for mini#2. First and only stop was Kohl's. Found a pair of slip-on Nike's on sale for $19.99. SOLD! He wore them around the store so he could test out jumping and running. It was precious. He's relishing in all of this preschool attention he's getting. Then I found a Carter's navy jacket with an embroidered-like football on it on sale for $9.80. SOLD! I probably have 15 jackets from mini#1 days, but fear they are probably worn out. Anyway, I love to shop and feel sorry for little man not having his own clothes. I'm nice that way.

We're home, lunch is over and he's napping (or yelling down "Mom, I love you!" every few minutes!). I checked my emails prior to posting. Of course, I get a daily email from PEOPLE magazine. Did you hear the new Dancing With the Stars lineup? I didn't really watch last season, but I'm a little intrigued by this new lineup. I may have to give it a viewing or two. Love Rocco DiSpirito, the chef. He's desperately trying to revive his career, I believe, after some failed business attempts. Anyone watch him on The Restaurant reality show a few years back? And Susan Lucci? Anyway, here's the list:

• Toni Braxton, singer, 40, and season one DWTS champ Alec Mazo

• Lance Bass, singer, 29, and Lacey Schwimmer

• Ted McGinley, actor, 50, and Inna Brayer

• Cloris Leachman, actress, 82, and Corky Ballas

• Warren Sapp, former NFL star, 35, and Kym Johnson

• Rocco DiSpirito, chef, 41, and Karina Smirnoff

• Kim Kardashian, TV personality, 27, and reigning DWTS champ Mark Ballas

• Maurice Green, Olympic gold medalist track and field star, 34, and two-time DWTS champ Cheryl Burke

• Misty May-Treanor, Olympic gold medalist beach volleyball player, 31, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

• Susan Lucci, Emmy-award winning soap opera actress, 61, and Tony Dovolani

• Jeffrey Ross, 42, comedian, and Edyta Sliwinska

• Cody Linley, 18, actor, and two-time DWTS champ Julianne Hough

• Brooke Burke, 36, TV personality, and Derek Hough

Lastly, I was sad to see the Olympics end. We watched the closing ceremony last night. The Chinese can really put on a show! The British need a little work. I did enjoy seeing the transformer double decker bus! It transformed into a stage and up popped Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page to perform. Of course, David Beckham was aboard and had to kick a soccer ball out to the crowd. A little predictable, but the bus was "awesome" as both minis say! But why did Michael Phelps have to go to London as part of the "closing" or handover to London? I really think he should have remained in China and had more of the spotlight in the ceremony there. Just my opinion. Loved Team USA Ralph Lauren (HUGE emblems!) uniforms. They all looked super preppy. It was comical to see some of the heavily tattooed athletes wearing Ralph Lauren though. Ok, anyone left reading this? This is a "marathon" post! Sorry! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Anonymous said...

I have to do all of those things this week! Since when do we have to get preschool forms notorized?? I guess it's a good thing, but kinda a pain.

The Mrs. said...

Okay you just got me excited for dancing with the stars... (although I need a nap after that to do list!) I had seen a partial list before but I love Toni braxton. She has been through so much, heart trouble, a kid who's autistic...and I am excited about seeing cute julianne and her brother derrick!