Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tag! You're it!

That's mini#2's favorite thing to do these days. Smack you on the back and yell "Tag, you're it." You better run right after him and return the tag or there's hell to pay! Anyway, I've been tagged by Belle in Bloom to list 5 words I find unpleasant, gross, yucky (as minis say) or distasteful when spoken. This was hard! Here goes.

1- "bowels". Enough said really, but especially when MIL was living with us I had far too many conversations including or revolving around the word "bowels". Ewww. Yuck. Gross.

2- "fixin to". Not a word I know. This is a phrase highly used in the south, but most definitely with Georgians. I learned it when we moved there. It grates on my nerves. For you northerners scratching your heads, "fixin to" means "getting ready to" or "about to".

3- "Ya'll." Another southern word, but I will not use it. I refuse to. "You all" takes a little extra effort, but it's appreciated!

4- "fart". Hate this word. Little boys love this word. We still try to use "toot", which sounds stupid, but it's better than "fart".

5- "vomit". The word sounds like the action to me. I have been lucky that my minis don't do this too often, but it's gross. I hate it and I almost do it when they do it!

So if anyone wants to play along and hasn't go ahead.


Belle in Bloom said...

Those are all bad. I hate #4.
"Fixin' to" was something my family had to get used to when we moved to GA. That and calling our relatives "kin". Too funny.

Anonymous said...

My son loves the word fart. I cringe whenever he says it. I also still try to get him to use toot.

The Mrs. said...

Hate the fart word. Need to think of a good word for Landon to use! Toot? Poot?