Monday, August 11, 2008

I survived "Mommies Gone Wild" weekend!

To keep my friends anonymous, this is about the only picture I can share. Anonymous on the internet and not from their behavior! Ha! See our pretty pedicures. Come on and guess. Which foot or feet belong to me?
We all arrived home (to the same neighborhood) VERY sleep deprived. We closed the club two nights in a row! Oh my! Said feet are still sore from dancing. We absolutely had a fantastic time. For 10 girls to get together, you would think there is bound to be conflict at some point. I can honestly say we all relaxed, were ourselves, laughed and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company without any mama drama. I got to know some even better and it was just fabulous. We all needed to shed our mommy duties for a few days and remember the wonderful women we are aside from being wives and moms. It's important to have good friends and form bonds with those that have similar interests. And, yes, I was the supplier of jewelry, clothes and even a pair of sandals to these girls. What did I tell you? What would they have done without me?
Today I've been doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms and preparing a grocery list. All this is in preparation of my parents and brother (Home from Frankfurt assignment!) stopping by Wednesday for a quick overnight visit. Then Thursday I'm hosting book club. Thanks again for your recipes! It's a busy, busy week for Mrs. Pink!


Jillian, Inc. said...

Fun! Fun! I'm guessing yours are the silver/black sandles with the loop. My first thought and I'm sticking with it.

The Mrs. said...

Sounds so fabulous!!! I agree with Jill!

Pink Flamingo said...

What a great escape! I agree, definitely the silver and black sandals.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun!! I posted a recipe for a chocolate chip cheeseball on my blog. In case you want to try it for your book club meeting :)