Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preppy Paper Swap

To those still wondering, my sandals on the last post were the GOLD ones. I wanted to be a little different! Everyone else wore blackish flats and mine had heels but, surprisingly, were very comfortable. The loop silver/black sandals belong to my weekend roomie. Loved those, too!

Ok, I have to thank Belle in Bloom for all of the great things she sent me! I received this huge box on my front porch (yes, I'm in the south!) and thought she may have packed one of her sons as well! Just take a look at the goodies I received!

Everything was in a black/white/pink hat box. So cute! Belle didn't know that I already have two rectangular boxes in similar patterns on top of my bedroom armoir. I store photos in one and wrapping, ribbon, notes in another. This box makes a perfect addition and looks so cute next to the others.

I received plaid napkins and plates that I will use for book club tomorrow night. Love the pink and brown paisley plates and napkins! Of course there were some preppy pink and green items in the form of note cards and sticky notes. The fleur-de-lis symbol symbol is my fav so she included fleur-de-lis thank you notes and lastly, some preppy plaid notes. She covered all of the preppy styles! Thank you so much. I love it all! This was so much fun.

Off to do some last minute cleaning before my parents and brother arrive for their short visit. Stay sane and don't hurt your kids! Ciao! (Oops! Au revoir...)


Belle in Bloom said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I simply love mine. Thanks so much!


melissa said...

Fabulous paper swap gifts. I just received mine and them them also :)

password: lulubelle

The Mrs. said...

Just gorgeous!!!