Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My brain can only take so much

I am still so tired from the last week. Therefore, once I retreated to my bed last night I easily fell back into The Bachelor. Is it just me or is this bachelor just a little too wimpy? I'm just not feeling the emotions this time around. I missed the first hour, but that girl Naomi (24) was making me gag with her syrupy sweet interactions with said wimp. And take that hood off of your head. I see high schoolers doing that and, granted, you only left high school 6 years ago...you DID leave so take that hood off of your head. Mr. Pink, unfortunately, has to watch this crap with me if he's in our room. He thinks Stephanie, aka Steph by Jason, is really a man. He made this comment a few weeks ago. I think he may be onto something, but I did think she was sweet in a mother hen sort of way (to the other girls). She kind of creeped me out making ga-ga eyes at Jason. I didn't think he was feelin' the love. He seems to really like Jillian, but it appears depression runs in her family (next week's previews). She might be forewarning him that Prozac is really her first love. I think I like Melissa(?) best. The cheerleader girl. She's cute. Wait is that all that is required to find one's lifelong mate? I missed their one/one date. Anyway, enough of this show. I do like the hometown dates. They always prove to be interesting. Who do you like?

If The Bachelor wasn't enough mindless TV, I immediately switched to The City on MTV at 10:00. I love this 20 something show and love NYC so it's fun to see where they go eat, shop, drink. But, the above picture is also the reason. Jay the Aussie is such a little hottie isn't he? He wasn't on too much last night so he's getting some "air" time on my blog today. Whitney's former boss Kelly was all over Allie (model) about her weight. "Are you ok? Are you sure? Do you need help? You're way too skinny." It really ticked off Allie. However, in my opinion, Kelly is in the fashion industry and secretly resents all the pretty, thin models. You know she sees a therapist weekly to sort through her own image issues.

Ok, now back to my reality. Got to write tons of thank you notes for last week. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

My vote is for Melissa also, although it looks like the hometown visit next week could be interesting. I told my husband that stephanie looked like a tranny from the very first episode!

Kristen said...

I have it DVR'd and have yet to watch last night. I like Stephanie a lot - she seem so sweet, but I don not see her and Jason together at all. She needs a more high maintenance guy I think. Someone to go buy accessories with! Ha!

The Mrs. said...

He is a little boring, I think Melissa will be the one in the end too. As for the City Jay is HOT! Hate the society girl, such a bitch!!! I think Kelly was being a mean old lady being mean to the super thin model! jealous!!!