Friday, February 13, 2009

Cupids and Lemonade

Thank you Displaced Southern Prep for this thoughtful award! I am glad she's back telling us stories of her 2 divas. They make me laugh and think of my minis. I give her and all of you other bloggers with traveling husbands a huge pat on the back. There's a special place in heaven for you all.

I believe I've seen this award on several blogs I read so I won't select 10 to pass it on to today. That would require too much research on who has and hasn't received it and I'm feeling a little lazy this early. Am I honest or what? And anyway, I enjoy all of your blogs! Instead I think you all deserve some lemonade today. And if you slip a little vodka in it before 5:00 today who am I to judge? Raise your glasses. Cheers to all of us moms.

Does everyone have big Valentine's Day plans? Mr. Pink and I have opted to stay home tomorrow night. We've been out of town for the last 3 weekends and we just want to stay home! However, we do plan to eat dinner, just the two of us, after the minis go to bed at 8:00 so it at least feels like a semi-date. Ok, off to gather Valentines to take to preschool and then buy groceries for our Valentine's Day date. Have a good weekend everyone!

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The Mrs. said...

We are having lobster and crab cakes tonight thanks to lobstergram!!