Friday, February 20, 2009


I saw this movie last weekend. Have you seen it? It is definitely worthy of 10 Oscar nominations. Excellent film, but it is very difficult to sit in a comfortable theater seat munching overpriced popcorn and see how children/people are living in such an underprivileged area of the world. This film makes you want to do more for those less fortunate than you and want to make sure your children realize how much they have while others fight to survive each day. Anyway, I highly recommend this film. Stay for the credits and enjoy the dance scene. Is this called Baliwood dancing? Not sure.

My friend and I are quickly trying to view Oscar nominated films before the award show on Sunday. Are we the only ones that do this? We saw Revolutionary Road last night after we (really it was just me. She ordered the healthy stuff) gorged ourselves on Thai food. Anyway, this was such a well-acted movie. Such a serious movie. I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it is very thought provoking. It definitely makes my own marital quarrels look like a sunny walk in the park.
The movie was so focused on Kate and Leonardo's relationship that you rarely saw their kids. My friend and I kept commenting on this (I think to give us some comic relief not provided in the film) and wondering why the heck she DIDN'T want more children. If my children were never present I'd probably add another 2 myself! I still would recommend this film, just be forewarned it doesn't leave you with the warm fuzzies at the end. It's been nominated for 3 awards. I'm very surprised that the realtor's son was nominated for best supporting actor, yet neither Kate nor Leonardo were nominated in best actor/actress categories.

Tonight, in an effort to resume our neglected family movie nights, we will be watching Space Chimps. Oh, how I look forward to it. Wink, wink. Mini#2 has wanted to see this for the longest time so today I rented it. Hopefully, I'll stay awake!

So which films have you enjoyed lately? I think I need to see something lighthearted next. Maybe Confessions of a Shopaholic. Ha! Speaking of shopaholics, I am very proud to have purchased a dress today that I had tried on a month or two ago when it was marked down only slightly. Today this $150 dress was mine for a mere $40! Enjoy your weekend.


Jillian, Inc said...

Lord, I have not seen a movie in a theater since Mama Mia. I **hope** to see one next Thursday with girlfriends. And I so love going to the movies, too. Just low on the priority list right now. I think Slumdog is the darling for the Oscars. Maybe I can see it on DVD - ha!

Mom x 2 said...

I want to see Revolutionary Road but I can't make myself. I've heard it's thoroughly depressing. I haven't seen most of the movies up for an Oscar this year, which is unusual. I want to see The Reader, just because I love Kate W. so much.

I've seen Doubt, which I thoroughly enjoyed becauce Meryl Streep as a nun was awesome! Last weekend when we visited the ILs, my FIL and hubby and I went to see The International. It was a typical spy intrigue film but can I say for the record how hot Clive Owen is? Good grief!

This is the first year in many years that I am not even going to watch the Oscars live. I accidentally bought my husband Blackhawks tickets for his birthday for Sunday evening. So we're going to that and we got a sitter. It's also the anniversary of our first date...18 years ago!

Have a great weekend.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Mom- have a great "date" anniversary. And I may plan to see The Reader this weekend. Haven't been to movies in ages so catching up all at once before the awards. I love Clive Owen, too. That does look like a good movie.

Anonymous said...

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