Monday, February 16, 2009

Confessions of a sometimes slacker mom

So, first of all, why did one mini have school and the other didn't this President's Day? That's not fair.

Anyway, I thought I would be nice and meet Mr. Pink with mini#2 in tow for lunch near his office. I may have also had to return a couple of items to HomeGoods also near his office. Sue me. I like to multi-task. I was envisioning a nice big salad at Jason's Deli, but Mr. Pink had other ideas. Italian food at some chain restaurant I've already forgotten the name of. Not Olive Garden or Carrabba's. J. Carino or something like that. So I gave in and ate Italian. It was tasty. Artichokes, capers, olives, tomatoes over angel hair, but I ate far too much bread. Afterwards I went to HomeGoods. Here's where the slacker part comes into play. I was having such a good time (yes, mini#2 was even still with me!) I forgot to check my watch. However, when I did, in the check out line at the register, several curse words raced through my head. It was 2:00 and mini#1 gets off of the bus at 2:25 and we were 30 mins away! Being that I don't consider myself a slacker mom, I immediately assumed something was wrong with my watch; not me. However, I rushed mini#2 into the car and raced ahead frantically because I was quickly feeling more and more like a slacker mom. A smart one though. I called my next door neighbor, explained the situation and told her I may or may not beat the bus home and could she inform easily excited mini#1. And had I not had to go through two school zones, I may have been on time...given I was speeding most of the other parts of our trip home. All was fine. I was about 3 minutes late. Mini#1 was happy. He even got peanut butter kiss cookies next door from non-slacker mom! Ok, I must go before I am forced to write the second installment of confessions of a sometimes slacker mom entitled "My mom doesn't help me with my homework because she thinks blogging is far more important."


Belle in Bloom said...

So funny!
I hate that panicky/sick feeling when you've realized you're late for your child. ugh.
Have a great day!

Kristen said...

this story was too funny... I think we're all occasionally "slacker moms", it's sorta owed to us though!