Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Trip to the Mall

Mini#2 and I made it to the "good" mall today 10 minutes before it even opened. We window shopped while I was anxious to get on with it. Mini#1 gets home a lot earlier now so we had to hurry! Mini#2, of course, wanted to go into the sports stores, but he got to go to the mommy stores instead. Good sales going on, too. I did nicely and didn't hurt the budget.

I hate taking mini#2 into the dressing rooms with me. He's just about too old for this. How do I know? Because standing in my bra and panties pulling a dress off the hanger he loudly exclaimed, "YOU'RE NAKED!" He even has an opinion now on the clothes I select. "I don't like that one!" Breaking news: Mini#2 just came up to me to say we need to go to the pet store and buy a big dog! And he can build it a dog house and it will lick us and it will be funny! Oh, help us!

The stroller continues to be a battle, too. I'm lucky if he stays in it for half of a shopping trip now. I let him out in dressing rooms and sometimes I'll let him push the purchases around in it if we've seriously surpassed the window of preschoolers tolerating shopping. However, if I had not allowed that, I would not have heard a nice saleslady say "Honey, don't put that in your mouth." I turned just in time to see him pick up his chewed chewing gum off of the carpet and put it into his mouth! Oh, help us! Yes Kate Goselin, my 3 yr old chews gum...after he's eaten the two snacks I thought would be enough for this outing! He liked the lady at J. Crew (again GREAT markdowns for entire family!), but most of the other ladies he encountered he asked them "what are you looking at me that way for?" I tell him over and over NOT to say that and to say, "Hi, what's your name" or something other than the impolite phrases he freely offers! I think I need to purchase a muzzle for him.

The last thing he did (after refastened securely in the stroller) was pull off his flip flops and decided to suck on the end of it! Oh, help us! He's done that before, too! I told him that it's gross, your shoes have been in dirt (and who knows what else) and he still does this sometimes. WHY? I thought that ended with one's and two's! Maybe I took the pacifier away too soon (18 months, thank you very much! I'm proud of that!), but I think it's just God's daily way of testing me with BOYS! Now I'll just take a moment to pray that he did not contract any germy disease today.


Anonymous said...

I can completely relate. I always have to take my 3 year old boy with me to public rest rooms and dressing rooms. He's starting to make comments and share opinions too. And trust me, our fashion sense is just not the same!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

buy anything great?

Mom x 2 said...

I hear you! I was amazed my boys were good in 2 stores today. I had to go fast - like 15 mins.

Oh, and the sucking/chewing on dirty things? I just tell myself it's their way of building up their immunity!

Preppy Mama said...

Oh, you are so brave to go with the both to the mall. I am totally relating and I only have the one. He is impossible and is refusing the stroller as well.
I just turn my head and pretend I don't see him putting disgusting things in his mouth. let them think I'm cluless.

Belle in Bloom said...

lol. Sadly, it doesn't get much better with a 10 yr old. ;)
When little one was 3yrs, EVERYtime someone would come up to him and say,"you have the most beautiful eyes!", he would look at me and say, "mommy, tell that person not to talk to me." A muzzle would have been good.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

clemsongirl- yes, very cute (and marked down) halterish top at White House/Black Market. Shoes at Macy's, pants at J. Crew for mini#2 and several GAP sales things, but not the jeans I bought! But they FIT great! I hate buying jeans.

preppy mama- I only had the youngest with me! I wish it had only been the oldest. He never acted like youngest does!

The Mrs. said...

I CANNOT take Landon with me shopping because it just ruins the whole experience! I hate to be rushed when I shop.

Kris said...

Kids and malls never mix. I always pat myself on the back for even attempting! My 3 year old wants to climb under racks, flip the clothes around. He won't sit in the stroller at all anymore. Which is why I now shop online or barter for alone time with my husband!