Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Murmurs at the Movies

Ok, I think I remember why I dislike (read: hate) those free kids' summer movies. I had not been since last year and decided to take mini#2 to see Charlotte's Web today. There's a scene in the movie where streams of cars drive down a dusty road to go see Charlotte's latest web writing. Well that was also the scene on my way to the theater this morning. Multiplied times 1000 and minus a dusty road. Every packed suburban, mini van, or other SUV from miles away was pulling into the parking lot of this theater. We then had to wait in line for FREE tickets and then wait in another line to hand over said FREE tickets. And I think it's highly possible that every family, excluding mine, has added another child to their family since last summer! Lord have mercy I was exhausted by the time we reached our seats. I'll fore go talking about the concession stand line...but at least I had another mommy watch mini#2 in the theater while I went for popcorn. She only had 3 visible tattoos, and 4 facial piercings so looked safe enough. KIDDING!!! Anyway, mini#2 had some good comments while watching this classic tale of a pig and a spider. So I'll share.

#1- "Mom, there are critters biting my back." First, where did he hear about "critters"? Second, don't even draw my attention to what actually may be on theater seats for us to catch and third, please use your "inside" voice. I think every row 3 front, 3 back heard him.

#2- "Mom, I think I like Coca-Cola. It's jummy!" Being born in Atlanta (birthplace of Coke) he readily recognizes the Coke logo and did so on his pint-sized cup. The only thing is...I got him lemonade- not Coca-Cola!

#3- "Mom, here's another nut" as he handed me one unpopped popcorn kernel after another from his kid's tray. He's called these "nuts" a while. Just something I don't want to correct him on yet.

He's napping now. I think I need one, too! Just realized this is my 100th post! WOW!


The Mrs. said...

Hysterical. I love the "nut: comment and lemonade as coke! Tooo good! Free stuff is never good. Like festivals. They suck. too crowded and not worth it!

Belle in Bloom said...

I can't stand free movie day. I avoid it at all cost. ha.
I love that he thinks it was "jummy". I don't correct my little one like I should when he calls something the wrong name, either.(his big brother does that enough!) I guess I want him to be my baby forever. :)

Happy 100th post!