Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's the 3rd week of school (year-round!) and I'm already tired of 2nd grade homework. Mini#1 has a math sheet, a half sheet of misc. work every day and three spelling assignments each week. Whoa! It's July 22 and it just doesn't feel like we should be doing homework! And the sad thing is I couldn't help him with one of the questions yesterday! Can you figure this out?

28, __, __, __, 3 WTH? Are we just dumb at the White house or is this hard for you, too? What is this teaching them? Really!

The good news is that mini#1 wants to do it right away because he knows we don't go to the pool or the library or anywhere else he may want to go until homework is complete (or as complete as we can get it!).

It's been a boring week so far. Yesterday I went to the eye doctor (Opthamologist. See I know some things) and had to take mini#2. You'll notice no post yesterday because he was an angel! He sat quietly in the floor and colored. Amazing! The staff was also amazed and I told them that it was their lucky day. Did I say we were there for two hours? However, Mrs. Pink had her eyes dilated and that's an experience. My eyes were sensitive all afternoon. I even had to slide the "dork" shades they gave me under my sunglasses when we went to the pool. The sunlight felt like a dagger in my eyes! Ouch! Now I know why I've never agreed to let them do that before now.

Today I have been cleaning and organizing the toys in our bonus/play room. Thursday I host play group and I have to give the appearance that I am completely organized all the time. You know how it is. Tomorrow I have to dream up clever snacks that will impress the moms. I think this is the universal train of thought for play groups. Am I right?

Off to the library, if the spelling sentences are finished.


Becs said...

Are all the schools in NC year round? I love the title of your blog. I live in a boy house also! Becs

Belle in Bloom said...

Oh my gosh. I don't even want to think about homework right now. Poor little guy.(and poor you, too!)

The Mrs. said...

God help me when Landon has homework.

WSU Laura said...

Ok I have been trying to figure out that math question and CANNOT get it. Please tell me the answer.

Southern Fried Mom said...

You are not making me excited about The President starting 2nd grade in a couple of weeks! We have already been practicing math drills to get ready...Are the playgroup snacks for the moms, kids, or both? I may have some ideas for you...e-mail me: homewith2boys(at)bellsouth.net

I love to snack for success!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Thanks Becs. No, not all NC schools are year round. We live in Raleigh/ RTP area and heavy overcrowding. I think year round started about 4 yrs ago in this county. We were just rezoned to the year round school.

Southern Fried- Thanks for offer. I read too late! But maybe I can use for future.

WSU- STILL don't know this answer. We left blank!