Monday, March 24, 2008

No white wolves or lunchboxes around here.

In case you were wondering, mini#2 didn't dream about the mean white wolf last night. I asked if he did and he said "No, he didn't come again! What a celebration!" Count that readers. My just turned 3 yr old said a 4-syllable word! He has been extra loving today. I think he has hugged me, kissed me and said he loved me about 50 or so times today! What's up with that?

Today was a very good day. No spills or messes to report. The only real thing of interest I did today was race to the middle school bus lot to see if we could find Mini#1's (1st grade) lunch box.
He loves the bus. I was so reluctant to let my #1 baby ride the bus last year, but all his friends had talked their parents into it and it's such a short ride, I decided to let him. Well this morning it was freezing again (fickle weather!) and the bus was late. We were almost back home when the substitute driver and bus came. By that time mini#1 wanted to go "carpool" so we went. This afternoon, she was late again, but no biggie. I like to catch up with my friends at the bus stop. Back home, as I was going through the bulging Monday folder, I asked mini#1 where his lunchbox was. He got this panicked look on his face and said "I left it on the bus and that's not my regular bus". Then the tears welled up in his eyes and my heart started to break. So what's a good mother to do? Grab the keys, the kids and sprint to the car to try to find this lunchbox stealing bus. Thankfully I knew that they park the buses at the middle school. As we pulled in the lot on two wheels I saw the lady I thought was the substitute driver that day walking to her car. Mini#1 confirmed she was the driver and we asked her if she saw his lunchbox. She didn't but said we could take a look. We did and no lunchbox. Mini#1 thinks he left it in his classroom. Let's just say we had a nice "chat" on the way back home about self reliance (word of the month at karate). Then we ran inside, changed for karate and out the door we went again. The Monday after school rush.... How was your day?


Mom x 2 said...

Love that story. I pictured you running through a parking lot with the kids hanging on to you and you have a big cape on with a capital M on the back! Super Mom! Hilarious! We did nothing of interest today. Mondays are our free day - only day of the week my older son doesn't have preschool. He has swim lessons in the morning and then nothing the rest of the day. So we built a Lego City (my 5yo is obsessed with Legos) and had a generally easy day.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Momx2- Aren't we all Super Moms without a costume? Ha! My hubby actually tells the kids he's Super Man. On weekends at breakfast he'll say "I'm really tired. I had to fly to China last night to fight crime". They think it's so funny. Legos. I'd rather play legos once in a while. Lucky me gets to throw some type of ball with mini#2 EVERY day.