Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Did you cringe like me?

So I watched the first episode of the Bachelor and cringed quite a bit. I really wanted to turn the channel and had just about had enough after one episode, but the highlights for future episodes have probably reeled me in for yet another season. Here are the cringe worthy moments:

1- Half of the girls' entrances and introductions. I was nervous for them! Hello! You girls know what the show is like. Why did most of you have to get trashed in the limo right before first introductions?

2- Stacey from Chicago. Enough said. What lounge did she fall out of and tumble into the back of the Bachelor show's limo? What a complete embarrassment to America. She couldn't name one intelligible fact about England when Mr. Brit asked. And did she honestly think he would enjoy receiving your panties?

3- Ms. Oklahoma chewing a piece of aluminum out of a can to "impress" her future "husband" (we all know there are never any marriage results). Again, thanks for showing this Brit true American class.

4- Musical concerts. What was up with those? Ms. Guitar singing of her love and Ms. Clarinet giving a mini concert. I don't get it. Have they added a talent portion to this competition? We all know there's a bathing suit portion. How well you wear your bikini in a hot tub that is.

Ok, I'll stop. It's my fault. I chose to watch it. Mr. Brit (can't even remember his name) doesn't seem to have a very good selection. I don't think his mum is going to approve of any of these women. None seem to be able to fit into the Royal Ascot crowd....

On a side note we went to mini#2's check-up this morning. He's 75 percentile in weight and 80 percentile in height! Wow! When I told him this morning we were going for his check-up he said "I don't like really check-ups." I said "You don't?" He said, "No, I hate 'em!" Cracked me up. However, getting in the car to go home he said "Dr. Wyan (Ryan) is the bestest doctor in the whole wide world and he's bro-bro's doctor, too". Thank goodness some check-ups don't require immunizations and you leave happy instead of mad and cranky.


Mom x 2 said...

OK, I will (reluctantly) watch this season if you promise to recap it every Tuesday. Deal? You know, I really don't think this guy is the epitome of British high ranks if he's doing The Bachelor. Know what I mean? I mean, even the UK has to have its share of low-class idiots - perhaps he falls into it? Only time will tell. And his name is Matt Grant and the only reason I remember this is because I thought that ABC made it up, to try and equate him with Hugh Grant. :-)

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

No kidding. What was with the girl that did the friggin twirl and then asked to see his arse? TACKY.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Clemsongirl- I forgot Ms. Twirly. I laughed hard at that, too! Some of those dresses were too much! Looked like girls from Atl's Cheetah. "I'm just saying."

Momx2- I will try to give an update on Tuesdays. Ok, I like his name. Let's just say one of my mini's might have one of his names and it's not the more popular name. He's an investment banker if I remember correctly. Hugh Grant he is not. Looovvvee Hugh Grant.

Mom x 2 said...

Pink in a Sea of Blue - hilarious! I'll say that one of my kid's name might be the same name. ;-)

Pink in a sea of blue said...

momx2 - No way! That's too wild! :)