Thursday, March 20, 2008

Be warned...

I'm grouchy today. I know when I started this blog it was to record my life as a SAHM to two sometimes wild little boys. Now it would be pretty boring if all was peaches and cream wouldn't it? So again I might rant a bit. Today was a pain in the you know what. Here is some random venting to make me feel better. It may make you feel better, too.

1- Why is that when you spill something in your house it seems to multiply 10 times over before it lands? Today mini#2 spilled half of a half glass of milk at the table and didn't bother to tell me. I never totally fill his glass for this very reason. Doesn't matter. It was everywhere. You can't cry over spilled milk, but you can mutter a few choice words under your breath.

2- Example #2 of aforementioned vent. Lunchtime. Made mini#2 grilled cheese. He was happily eating and I reheated my black bean chili. This is an awesome low fat recipe I'll post when I'm less grouchy. Poured myself half a glass of sweet tea I had made for relatives (read: our parents) last weekend and no one really drank it. I only make this for company, being southern and all. I had just put the pitcher back in the refrigerator and it fell out of the refrigerator, onto the floor and on me. It looked like a flood. Sticky flood. Mopped forever. Chili cold. Me ticked!

3- Mini#1 will. not. listen. Drives me insane. He gets home at 4:15. We have one hour for snack, changing, homework before karate class. That's a long yourself. With mini#1 (1st grade) he sometimes needs about 3 hours to accomplish these tasks. Needless to say it wasn't pretty here today. I yelled. A lot.

4- Tomorrow there's no school. I think I promised the kids I'd take them to see Horton Hears a Who. Should be real rivoting. I hear Oscar buzz. Normally I love taking the kids, but I still might be grouchy.

5- I got my April Southern Living. For the second or third month it's so flimsy I almost tossed it out with the junk mail. What has happened to this magazine? Where did the rest of it go? Does this mean they're planning to charge less?

Ok, I feel a little better. I'll be sweeter, nicer, calmer tomorrow. After all it's Good Friday. I have no reason to be grouchy on Good Friday. I hope your day was better than mine!


Mom x 2 said...

I can totally relate. But as a northerner, I have to ask - why only tea for company?? Also, I think the flimsy magazine problem has happened with a lot of magazines. I used to work in advertising (and actually bought Southern Living for my client a lot - Biltmore Estate was my lovely client at one time!). It's called a falling economy. Ads make up a lot of the bulk of those pages. Pick up an InStyle or Town & Country and you'll find the same thing.

I hope you have a better today!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I don't really know why I don't make tea that often. I don't drink a lot of caffeine, but also because it's more of a treat if you save it for special occasions.
Love Biltmore Estate. You're right about falling economy. Makes sense. InStyle was huge this month, but it even has small issues from time to time. As long as So. Living doesn't skimp on the gardening tips and recipes I'll still be a loyal subscriber.

Belle-ah said...

I my have been at MY house!

As far as Southern Living...I am really wondering if I like this "new" format...just don't know because it seems less unique and more BH&G.

Steel Magnolia said...

I spilt tea all over my kitchen this weekend too. I only make it when we have guests too. Ugh!! Love your blog. I stopped my SL subscription because of the disappointment too. Your kids are adorable!