Monday, March 10, 2008

Code words

Today at the White house I learned the following.....

"Green berries" - green grapes. As in: "Mommy I love blueberries, strawberries and green berries".

"salad"- lettuce. As in: "Mommy, dat berry good. They didn't put salad on my taco." Thanks Moe's Southwest Grill employees.

"dinosaur" - penguin. As in: "Mommy, dat dinosaur has clothes on". Thanks Noggin for not teaching my child that a penguin is a penguin and not a dinosaur.

"J--- H----- Poop"- When I asked my child what his full name was during bath.

What did you learn from your little Einstein today?


The Mrs. said...

That apparently milk is the same as sun tan lotion. It's fun to just rub it alllllll over yourself!

Preppy Mama said...

Umm, that "fires truck" means any car or truck that is red.

Mom x 2 (formerly Preppy Mom) said...

Hilarious! My 5yo made me a Lego house last night and when I asked what one little white Lego was that was sticking out of the house, he said, "It's a flower box" and I said, 'but there are no flowers in it' and he said, "Yeah, because it's winter, Mom." As if I were the dumbest woman on the planet. Gotta love kids!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

To all: boys are great aren't they? I really mean it no matter how crazy life seems sometimes!