Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Isn't that what they say? I now think I fully understand this phrase. Boy did I learn a good lesson today. So here goes for all to enjoy. Let me start by saying that it's been a little warm in the south this week. Low 70's Mon, Tues and mid- 60's today. I decided to wear my old Birkenstocks with my jeans/t-shirt mommy attire today. Wow. I'd forgotten how good Birks feel on your feet! But I digress I bit. Has anyone else noticed how "I digress" is a frequent phrase on these blogs? Sorry. Still digressing. Ok, so after coming back from the bus stop I couldn't stand the sight of my winter toenails. I have a tiny bit of polish still hanging on from about January. I decided to polish them because...I don't know why. Just had a moment so I did. I found some dark wine colored polish in the bottom of my makeup drawer and THANK GOODNESS I stayed in my bathroom to beautify my toes. However, as I proceeded to take the cap off of the polish, all of a sudden, tornado(ish) winds whooshed through my bathroom sending the bottle sailing out of my hand and....deep breath....the polish landed all OVER tile, grout, cabinets and a few drops on a little wall by the cabinets. Did you catch that this was DARK WINE COLORED? I was stunned for a full 20 seconds before I frantically started saying "OH NO! OH NO! OH NO!" Yes, I controlled my tongue. Polish was in stringy lines all over my bathroom yet it missed my jeans and shirt. Wild. The above picture does not reflect the true mess. Well mini#2 came in about that time and said "What happen? Lew have an ackadent?" I had to admit that, yes, mommy had an accident. Well a bottle of Cutex, half a bag of cotton balls, paper towels and an almost 3 year old helped me clean up the mess. It was a major task though and the grout is still a little pinkish. However, I learned a good lesson. I can't get so upset at all of mini#2's messes. I told him that parents make mistakes, too. I told him even though he has accidents I still love him no matter what. I think my mess majorly outdid his entire list I gave a few posts back. What do you think?

P.S. It was so funny how he showed daddy where I made my "ackadent" and how he helped clean up. Now I'll leave with one final thought. After this happened I kept thinking all day what if this had happened on my beige bedroom carpet? I don't think I'd be writing a cute little post right now. So I'm thankful for a happy ending.


Preppy Mama said...

Oh my, I did the same thing in my bathroom except I broke the bottle and it was a dark wine color too! I flipped out, but thank goodness I was home alone (that never happens!). I think I used an entire bottle of nailpolish remover and I still can notice the little bit that won't come out of the side of the sink!!
If it was the rug, I seriously would have lost it!!
How cute is your little guy!!! Sweet story.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Glad to know I'm not alone! I felt helpless, but once I started cleaning and polish was coming up, I felt better.

Mom x 2 (formerly Preppy Mom) said...

Sorry but I did laugh a little at your description of the 'ackadent' - but thankfully it was on tile. You might try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the grout to see if the rest of the polish will come up! Yes, very glad for your sake it wasn't on the carpeting. By the way, the picture of your 2 boys cracks me up. My youngest had that exact same hat last summer - the one with the crab from Gymboree. So cute.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Momx2- I love Magic Erasers. I tried it and it got a little bit more up but grout was rough on the eraser. It started to crumble. Thanks for tip though. Why didn't I think of that? I hope the Gymboree hat still fits. SOOO cute on, isn't it?