Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Letting go....

NBA Cafe Orlando, FL

Carolina Mudcats game

Goalie!! (It makes me nervous when he's goalie!)

As a mom of an 8 year old last child, it is so difficult letting him go and not have him be my baby. I think it's just impossible, actually. I still want to cuddle him and hold him like a baby (he loves that one-not, but will do it for me sometimes if I beg.). I'm thankful he still lets me do this and dread the day when it will not be cool to love me like he does now. I cherish the chilly mornings when I wake him up and slide into his bed to watch the sunrise (his room is the best room in the house for this!). I wonder when he'll eventually tire of my game of naming his "new" freckles on his face. All I have to say is "Awww." And he says in an excited voice, "I got a new freckle" and then I name it and then he changes the name. Ha!I still check the back of his hands from time to time to see if he still has those baby dimples across his knuckles. They are fading fast. THAT breaks my heart! I am a sentimental sap I know.  But, I consider myself lucky to have two sons who aren't afraid to show me (or their dad) their love through hugs, kisses and words. Maybe we'll just continue to grow together in our  relationships and I can stop thinking of letting go!   


Lisa Odom said...

Girl I feel your pain! I cannot believe how quickly time is passing.

My husband is out of town tonight and I am so excited that #3 is excited to sleep with me! I am so glad she loves to cuddle up still.

The Mrs. said...

Oh sister. This makes me bawl. I have a seven year old and I am hanging on for dear life. You are doing a helluva job.