Monday, October 7, 2013

Since I've been gone...

I suppose I really should fill in some blanks since I took July, Aug and Sept off! So here goes:
1- The minis started 3rd and 7th grade on July 9th.
2- I turned cough, cough 43 in August. What the heck? Feels like I hit the big 4-0 yesterday! I got a road bike for my birthday. It's so pretty. I may, in the near future, attempt a mini triathlon. Did I really write that?
3- I dragged Mr. Pink and another couple to see John Mayer (and Phillip Phillips) in concert. 3rd time seeing John. I can call him that now. I had a blast and my friends did, too. But it might have been because they were laughing at me the entire time.
4- School tracked out for us on Sept. 10 after our first 9 weeks. We headed to sunny Orlando, FL for a Universal/Sea World/Wet and Wild trip. Mainly to bask in all of the Harry Potter World's glory! Mini#1 was in heaven. That kid, my reader, finished the first book in 2nd grade and has read all at least 4 times. I loved seeing him so happy, especially since he's a middle schooler now! We rode every special effects ride until I almost barfed and I screamed my head off on several occasions. Have you ever been on that Free Fall ride? WOW! Maybe this proves I really am 43.
5- As soon as we got home from FL I had a day to unpack, do laundry and repack before I took the kids to Charlotte to my parents' home to see my visiting brother, sis-in-law and 17 month old nephew. They're still living in Sweden (he helped arrange Obama's visit there right before he came home) and told us that their second baby is due in March! The kids had a great time with their cousin. I love it now when we Skype because you can tell he really recognizes us! He is precious.
6-Last weekend the kids/minis/not-so-minis and I ran in a local 5K (mini#2 ran in the mile fun run). I had to force mini#1 to practice with me last week and the week before while he was out of school. He walked half of the training. Then he finished 1:04 ahead of me in the race. That little devil!! Seriously, he is going to rock it in track next spring. He has no time for mommy's distance races (even though he has youth on his side and does well). He wants to do the mile and 800.
7- And this is a blog (and not FB) so I feel it's ok to boast about mini#1's grades. He got straight A's on his first report card. SO proud. Did it all on his own. Just don't ask me about 3rd grade. Between spelling words, projects, multiplication tables and general homework, I sincerely hope mini#2 makes it to middle school!
8-Soccer has started again. Mini#2's team is 4-0 with no goals scored against them yet. I love it! Four of these boys have played together since they were 4 and it's been so rewarding to see their growth and maturity in this sport.
9- Halloween decorations are up, costumes are ordered (more on this later) and I've already made pumpkins muffins and bought pumpkin waffle/pancake mix. Fall has arrived.
10-Go NC State! College football is the best, even if my Pack isn't.


The Mrs. said...

First of all you are ON THE BALL!! Second I am now following you on Bloglovin. Do you know it? I love using it because it let's me know when new posts are in! And third I am 43 too and you are so active you inspire me!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Thanks Mrs! You inspire me as well. I will have to look into Bloglovin. Sounds neat-o.

Jill said...

Great catching up you fabulous 43 year old!