Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday- Highlights from my week

1- My 3rd grader passed the level 2 multiplication facts today! BIG DEAL and he literally did it mere moments before I got to his classroom today to volunteer. He got to show me his "award" posted on their classroom door. He was so proud! Me, too. This accomplishment took a lot of creativity. For example, did you know 7 x 7 is an NFL team??? The 49ers!

2- I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday. Woo Hoo! The best sleep I had all week, but the PREP work is noooo fun. All was fine. It was a repeat from 5 yrs ago so this is good news.

3- After the colonoscopy, Mr. Pink and I went to a movie before the kids got home from school. We saw Runner, Runner with Ben Affleck and Justn Timberlake. It was good.

4- I got mini#2 on a waiting list for our local basketball league because I missed the deadline for registration. We got a call and he is on a team....all for a mere $15 additional late fee. (I cannot keep up with these deadlines!!)

5-I started my Christmas shopping for the kids. As year round schoolers- this is a must because they are out the entire month of December although this year we go through Dec. 5 (because Thanksgiving is late this year).

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The Mrs. said...

I started my Christmas shopping too. Trying to bang it out!