Friday, October 25, 2013

Do you ever feel like this???

I certainly do!! And I especially love how I get somewhat regular telephone calls from school (20 minutes after mini#1 arrived) saying either: I forgot my lunchbox. I forgot my homework folder. I forgot my gym bag. This morning it was the lunchbox. I was angry, too because I had to use a backup lunchbox because he didn't know where his monogrammed Pottery Barn lunchbox was and he didn't know where the backup lunchbox was! He, without a hint of concern, said "I think I left it on the bus" knowing full well his free personal assistant, aka moi, would handle his latest dilemma. I told him "Well, I hope you have enough money in your lunch account (never used!) for lunch today." Click. It was his middle school tone that got me. What he didn't know was that I saw it on the den floor where he left it as we were speaking. I decided to let him, in my mind, sweat the situation out a bit. We all know there was very little sweating going on in 7th grade homeroom. Well it was another 20 minutes until I could swing it by the front office on my way to the elementary school to help 3rd graders with their math facts. And, hopefully, he didn't believe me and saw his name flash up on the TV screen to go get it. Yes, I've sweated that a little. Ha!

And, is it just me, but why does mini#2 come to my side of the bed at 5:00 a.m. (this morning!) and scare me to death when he hovers over me to tell me he had a bad dream? His dad is closer to the bedroom door? Luckily this morning was the first time in weeks since he's shown up like that. I, seriously, lose seconds of my life when he does this....

Have a great weekend! We have our annual Halloween Party that we attend in our neighborhood. Stay tuned for photos.

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The Mrs. said...

Good lord that is so true! I liked Coco showing up to my bed at 5am like the girl from the ring!!!