Monday, October 14, 2013

And how's YOUR Monday?

I received this unsavory email today from mini#2's teacher... Wanted to let you know that H's weekly grade for work habits is quite low for last week. We are having trouble with focusing in class and getting the highest quality work out of him! I really think he is capable of so much more than what he has shown. I am very proud of him mastering his math facts, but I do think his work in reading and writing should be higher. Hudson frequently socializes and needs to make sure that he is focused on the essential tasks. I am hopeful that this week will improve so we can help him meet his top potential. Let me know your thoughts and if there is anything additional I can do to help facilitate these behaviors. Your support is greatly appreciated! Mrs. Teacher In his defense, the poor child gets his socializing naturally...his mom and dad like to talk. Really, I am thankful for this awesome teacher. She is on top of things and leaves no room for slacking off! I appreciate that. Luckily, this child cares what she thinks and we've already had a discussion (and am sure another one will occur when dad gets home). Plus, if there aren't improvements this week, there will be consequences for this sweet child of mine.