Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some observations.

1- Duggar's announce #20 is on the way....seriously? After what they went through the last time?

2- Dr. found guilty in Michael Jackson's death. Does this really make anyone feel better about a talented yet addicted and troubled man's death? Afterall the doctor was on MJ's payroll at his request.

3- Asst coach at Penn State molesting boys. Now this is so disturbing to me. It was reported years ago and swept under the rug? REALLY? How horrible! Get rid of all of those involved (fire) and prosecute this sicko.

4- Nancy Grace's cartwheel on DWTS last night. I beg the networks to please stop showing this 53 yr old woman (in a short sequinned dress!) do this.

5- The whole Herman Cain situation. I dread this next year and all of the ugly politics. But why didn't this latest woman come forward years ago?

Ok, had to vent. Feel a little better now.


AEOT said...

The Penn State thing just kills me. Soooo disturbing for these poor little boys. Yuck.

Really, I hadn't heard about #20. Time to stop. There are plenty of kids and plenty of preemie babies out there. The world doesn't need anymore.

Jillian, Inc said...

Agree....with every single one!

Lisa said...

totally agree!!