Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eventful Saturday

Yesterday we went to Raleigh's Christmas parade. The grand marshall was "your American Idol" (and local resident) Scotty McCreery. In the middle of the parade a group of little girls across from us started squealing. I looked down the street and saw that his float was approaching. He definitely got the most cheers!

After the parade we went to a downtown Irish pub for lunch and then on to Pullen Park's much anticipated reopening. Below I'm on the beautiful 1911 carousel. It's now fully enclosed and the crowds seemed to enjoy this special bit of history. The last photo is of my kids on the tip top of this new rope-climbing play equipment. There were so many kids on that thing and it made me a nervous wreck to watch them on this. Thankfully, they made it down on their own and not by falling! Lastly, we watched our NC State conquer the #7 Clemson Tigers. Such an awesome game for our struggling PACK, but I did learn a stat I'm proud of. We have one player that has made 11 interceptions....the second closest TEAM in the country with the most interceptions is Georgia at 7, but that's with multiple players! I think our team record is at 16- #1 in country. So I'll take that...if we can't take a title. :-)