Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I went camping last weekend with the cub scouts. 6 adorable, eager little boys. My husband is their den leader. I have avoided all campouts for 4 years (when mini#1 started). I would go out to the campsite for ceremonies, dinner, etc and then come home to my warm bed. And for 4 years I have heard "Mom, will you go camping with us?" So this was mini#2's first campout and I gave into the pressure. However, on my terms. Of course! They went to the lake park on Friday night when it got down to the low 30's! Brrrr. I went at lunchtime Saturday to drop off sandwiches and watch a cute game of kickball and ultimate frisbee. Then I left for 3 hours to Christmas shop and I returned at 5:30. I ate dinner, watched skits and made s'mores by the campfire. We made it until 9:30 before all these tiger cubs were literally going to sleep in their camp chairs! SO cute! Luckily it was a few degrees warmer on Saturday night, but it was still chilly as I changed into an old sorority sweatshirt, red and white polka dot pj bottoms and warm socks for bed. Mini#2 and I shared the air mattress, warm blankets and two sleeping bags zipped together. Mr. Pink slept on the floor of the tent in a warmer sleeping bag...but only after I kicked him out of the air mattress. He really thought three of us could sleep on that!?!? None of us could move that way. I was perfectly warm and snuggly when it was the two of us but could not sleep! Mr. Pink, since flat on his back, snored while mini#2 ninja kicked me in the side every 10 mins! It was a long night, but I survived without harm (if you exclude ninja kicks), discomfort or gas heat. Truth be told it's the outdoor showers, bathrooms and hiking to / from the campsite to go to the bathroom that I don't enjoy. The first thing I did when we got home Sunday morning was take a long, hot shower. Then I spent the day doing all kinds of laundry from the trip. Mini#1 was at the same park camping on his own with the Webelos...first time no parents with each kid. He survived, too. Notice this post lacks photos. Nobody really wants to see Mrs. Pink in old sorority sweatshirt, no makeup and a slightly frozen smile. But trust me. All the events mentioned in this post did happen. And it may happen again...possibly.

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