Thursday, May 5, 2011

Misc. bits and pieces.

1- The most popular baby names of 2011 are announced: Jacob/Isabella and I know a TON of both. Second most popular: Ethan/Sophia and, what do ya know, I know a TON of these, too! I don't know about you and it is a matter of personal choice, but I tried to stay clear of the popular names. Well, mini#2's first name is John (after my dad), but we don't call him John. He goes by his middle name.

2- I am currently smelling my crock pot BBQ and cannot wait to eat it. So easy, so southern, so good!

3- We survived strep throat this week. Mini#2. And, so far mini#1 and I have not gotten it!

4- I anticipate not being able to roll out of bed tomorrow. Took an awesome muscle class this morning. This instructor is tiny, but full of power. She's scary. And meticulous. I always know she'll correct my form at least twice in a class. BUT, she is the best and I know I get my money's worth out of her classes.

5- Cannot wait for Real Housewives of NY tonight! My best guilty pleasure. Who's your favorite? LOVE Ramona for so many crazy reasons, but Alex, too. And does Simon count as a housewife??

6- My parents celebrate 43 years of marriage today. That's quite a big deal isn't it?

Signing off....almost dinner time!

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