Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello again...

It's me Pink and I'm:
.....tired with a capital T.
.....a little sunburned (shoulders- pool party Monday).
.....a little stressed. (parents arrive Thurs for a visit- been cleaning, shopping, etc)
.....ready for the school year to END!
.....aggravated at how many things I have to purchase before school ends! (all those activities/parties).
.....sore. Squats and reverse lunges from this morning's class already kicking in.
.....a little sad baseball ends Saturday. My little guy is fun to watch.
.....a little happy to have the summer "off" from cub scouts and sports!
.....loving The Real Housewives of NY. Ramona kills me!!
.....tired. I said that already didn't I?
.....signing off now. I feel an early bedtime coming on tonight!

How are you?


SKB said...

Ramona drives me insane!!! I just found your blog and became your newest follower. Your blog is to cute! Check out mine if you get a chance!!!

The Mrs. said...

I'm tired too Pinky. Cheers!