Monday, May 9, 2011

It was so good!

I saw Water for Elephants over the weekend. I absolutely loved the book and am happy to say the movie was very good, too. I was worried it may stray from the book too much. It didn't though you MUST read this book! It was beatifically written. Reese Witherspoon was believable, but Robert Pattinson was delightful- and I don't just mean on the eyes (which he sooooo was). He was just as I pictured Jacob would be. I think I enjoyed Reese's wardrobe as much as the story they were telling. Very glamorous! Go see it, but read the book!! And I am terrible with book/movie reviews, but did feel I had to give a few comments on this one since I waited so long for it to be released.


Pink Martini said...

I was so turned off by the runny nose comments from Reese about her co-star I now can't bring myself to go see it. No love lost there I think. Glad to know the book is a good read.

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day. :)

Jillian, Inc said...

I always say "I am going to see that movie" and then I never go see the movie. And now I can also say "I am going to read the book." I actually HAVE the book so shame on me if I don't. Loved your Mother's Day post below. I didn't know that your mom lost her mother at such a young age. Hope your MD was special.

mommaofonediva said...

i am so looking forward to finishing the book & then seeing the movie! glad to hear it was good.