Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mother's Day!

I hope all of you wonderful mothers have a fabulous day celebrating motherhood! This is a photo of my mom aged 12 with her mother. I love this photo for so many reasons. I love seeing my mom in her gloves and purse smiling with her mom before church. I love looking at my grandmother and searching for resemblances. I love her hat, her poise and sense of style. But, most of all, this is a piece of precious recorded history. My grandmother, whom I never met, died of a brain aneurysm 4 months after this photo was taken and my mom entered young adulthood without her mom. She missed out on so many mother/daughter events in life (but was fortunate to gain a wonderful stepmother a few years later). It makes me appreciate my mom even more. Our relationship isn't always the easiest, but I never take her for granted and am so grateful I have had her in my life so long. And she is the absolute BEST grandmother to my kids! I have to add Mr. Pink did the sweetest thing. He sent my mom flowers for mother's day just from The ____ Boys. It was surprising to me and to her! Happy Mother's Day! Spread the love today!

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