Friday, May 6, 2011

Five on Friday- Real Housewives of NY noteworthy moments

1- Alex and Simon giving Francois (their son) the piano complete with a musical demonstrator for his birthday and him saying: "Who is that guy?" Then he could have cared less about his parents' gift while they tried to talk him into becoming the future...insert famous pianist name here...I'm drawing a blank here.

2- Sonja, Sonja, Sonja....she confuses me. She is all high society with her staff, her "pecking order" speech, her Hampton snobbery, etc. etc. etc. YET she dons a skimpy baseball trampy girl outfit for her photo op at the ballpark with the NY firemen calendar guys. Then she makes THE COUNTESS sole and asparagus for lunch in her TOASTER OVEN! What? Does she remind anyone else of Babara Streisand??

3- Kelly- I like her and how smoothly she and Cindy get along. They're the two I could hang out with on a Friday night... if I was invited.... and my nanny could babysit... and my social calendar was free. But, back to Kelly. She flips her hair with BOTH hands entirely too much!

4- Luann- You want to like her, but you just can't. She's a bi-otch! I laughed when she corrected Ramona on the pronunciation of Venetto, the prime Pinot Grigio producing area in Italy. I also laughed when she called Ramona's jewelry showing event as a "Mary Kay party." I think she feels threatened by Ramona.

5- Ramona- Kind of a dull night for Ramona. She handled herself well on on her "let's make nice and be friends again" luncheons. Of course, the pinot grigio was flowing so she was able to smile sweetly and work it out. Well she walked out on Cindy, but I think that's because she never expected to have to deal with another "downtown" girl so she just agrees to disagree with the newest housewife.

I won't mention Jill. She totally annoys me. I liked her being in Australia! Have a great weekend!!

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