Thursday, April 28, 2011

These are the days of his (4th grade) life...

So mini#1 brought this note home from school today. A girl (her name had to be crossed out for his absolute fear of being discovered!) gave him this in the library! Later at lunch she told him, "We've been friends a long time. I have a crush on another boy, but I like you more. He's 70% and you're like 95%." She continued by saying, "It (being boyfriend/girlfriend) won't be official until I'm 17" which is the age her parents, apparently, deemed fit to date. I guess she thought it didn't hurt to get the process started early!!! Later she even asked "does this mean we're boyfriend and girlfriend now?" He held her off by saying, "Shhhh. This is too risky you know. We'll talk about it at dismissal." Fortunately, nothing was decided at dismissal. He was laughing about it all when we talked about it at carpool and WE'VE decided he's going to gently tell her "We're too young for this. Let's keep it as friends." But, he did say..."you never know mom". What? He doesn't even like her like that. I'm actually pulling for the cute redhead he's had a crush on for ages and was heartbroken when she left school a few weeks ago to go to another. Anyway, I now know why this little stalker has been calling for "play dates" lately. I think I need to have a chat with her mother!! And maybe I shouldn't have bought so many girl scout cookies from her. I think it just gave her the extra encouragement she needed! Days like this I'm glad I have boys.

Going out to dinner with a friend tonight. Looking forward to it because I have sole parenting duties this weekend. Mr. Pink is off to golf with friends at the beach. I also plan to wake up and watch the Wedding tomorrow. Are you?

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