Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday entertainment

Since it's been cool and rainy most of the weekend I took the minis to see HOP today while Mr. Pink watched the Masters. Truth be told, he was also recovering from the cub scout campout mini#1 and he attended until after lunch today. Anyway, the theater was packed! We sat on the last row in the back. Everyone had the same idea. It was cute. Russell Brand was his normal funny, quirkly British self as the Easter Bunny's son. I enjoyed it and even #1 did though he wanted to see another movie. We had baseball in the cold yesterday. Mini#2 played first base. It made me nervous but he did well. He looks so cute in that uniform. We then went for coffee/hot chocolate and home for some chores. Later we went on a date to eat Mexican food for dinner although he didn't like me calling it a date! We wondered what Mr. Pink and mini#1 were eating in the cold and in the rain. Now I'm off to purchase various items for teacher appreciation WEEK! Good grief. I can't believe it's that time again and, yes, STILL can't believe it lasts a week and not a day. Of course I appreciate them, but come on I don't even get Mother's WEEK! I only get a day and I think I'm a tad more important to these darling children. Hope you have had nice weekends. 88 here tomorrow! Wow!

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