Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I just received flowers...

....from a boy. Ok, he's my 5 yr old neighbor. And they're really weed "flowers." But he said they were for me when he came to the door looking for my son to play. I thought it was sweet. He'll make a good husband one day.

This morning I went to muscle class. Then I found the Easter baskets in the closet, gathered up my Easter basket "stuff" to see if I had enough goodies (DEFINITELY HAVE ENOUGH*), have been wrapping birthday presents for mini#1 (10 on Thursday) and doing laundry so I can pack to go away this weekend. All while listening to parenting cd's that claim to transform my Birthday boy into an obedient, respectful child. He's not terrible, just having some difficulties and need to reel it in quickly. Does anyone else have a son that you have to give instructions at least 3 times before he might even begin considering that he heard your voice and that it may mean I want him to do something???

*Easter basket goodies:
smelly pencils and a pen (scented, that is)
crazy erasers. (all the rage)
Initial pencils
new swim goggles
bubblegum eggs
small stuffed animal that will be tossed aside.
chocolate bunny
baseball/baseball t-shirt for #2
cd for/ ds game for #1
peep chicks dipped in chocolate (so cute!)
helicopter game thing
candy for eggs....I may or may not have sampled the reese's cups.

Back to doing a few more things before the kiddos get home.

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