Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today I went to mini#1's parent/teacher conference. Sometimes these make you feel like you're the one being graded! Only you're discussing your child and not you. You're just ready to defend, make excuses or lie just in case. I'm kidding!! Any way, it was a very good conference. The kid is doing great. Whew. Of course, the conduct needs a little work (remember the cutting up in gym class and hallways I mentioned?), but I am just so thankful he really LIKES school and is, therefore, doing well. PLEASE let's hope this continues, say, for another 12 years so he can support himself one day. In the meantime, I took him out to lunch where very fun conversation ensued and then to a great local used bookstore where I gladly purchased 4 "new" books for my super reader. Mini#2 is happily at a sports camp today. They both return to school, or track back in as it's called, on Monday. That's a big whew! I'm running out of fun things to do!


Kristen said...

I totally understand on the trying to impress the teacher, I always feel like I'm being graded and judged! lol

The Mrs. said...

We had our conference too and I swear it is high-larious. I love hearing about how Landon is at school!