Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Benefits of volunteering at your child's school.

So I volunteered at the minis' school this morning. As I see it, here are my top 5 reasons that volunteering is worth it to ME (not the teacher or the school for which it is intended).

1- You notice your oldest child at the front of the line after gym class and you are able to, through the glass door, give him the MOM STARE that translates into: "You better have behaved today and I better receive a positive report from your gym teacher!" Ahem. He has had a few controlling of his body issues in this class lately! Dancing, talking when supposed to be listening, etc.

2- It's a real ego booster as numerous times I heard "Hi Mrs. Pink" from various excited neighborhood children. Apparently OTHER kids like me!

3- You get to surprise your youngest child at lunch (poor kid eats at 10:45!)and he showers you with hugs and kisses and "I love you mom!" I think he must have thought his teacher was looking or something. I almost thought I was sitting next to the wrong kid!

4- While filing students' school work into their Monday folders, I really felt an over abundance of pride in mini#1. I will not tell him this, but his grading on his AG (academically gifted) reading received more OUTSTANDINGS from this teacher than any of the other AG reading students. I know. I shouldn't compare and, like I said, I will not tell him how his grades were higher than others, but I will heap on the praise for his hard work he did in that class when he gets home. Sometimes I get so stressed and bogged down by the "negatives" of his behavior issues (which are mainly during transition periods,PE or trying to do homework!) that I forget to focus on his many positives and how well he does overall in school.

5- The main benefit to volunteering? It reminded me of what great minis I truly have and to step it up in the praise department. We all have highs and lows in that dept don't we? So go tell your kids something good they've done!


Kate said...

I so agree! Especially with #5...as frustrated as my kids make me at times, sometimes being around other kids (some who have VERY different rules at home!) makes me remember how wonderful mine are.

Kristen said...

nice post! It's always nice when your kid showers you with hugs and kisses and you can hear the excitement in their voice! I cherish those times cause I'm sure we all know it won't last long! Those teenage years are just around the corner! lol My kindergartener had lunch at 10:45 last year too, luckily they were allowed to take a snack with them for later during the day.