Friday, September 3, 2010

The excitement keeps coming...

I just watched Camp Rock 2 with the minis. They were excited. It wasn't too bad. But one of the Jonas Brothers has a very annoying singing voice. I never can remember which is which.

Earlier tonight mini#2 slipped in my shower while I was making dinner and mini#1 was in their shower. They have to stay separate these days in order to finish quicker AND to be safer, so I thought. I heard him scream "I'm BLEEDING!!" I ran in there and Yes he was. You know the pouring of blood when you can't quite determine how bad it really is, but you and your heart think it's the worst ever.... Well, I laid him flat on the cold tile and pressed a washcloth to his mouth while trying to get him to explain what happened. He slipped and hit the drain. How this happened I don't know, but it just takes a second. We learned this when he was 2 and he has a nice scar under his eye from that slip in the tub. This time it was a couple little knicks on the lip and the small "gusher" was on the corner of his mouth. It stopped. I applied steri strips and off I went to finish dinner while he remained in a pool of blood. Not really. Just sounded more dramatic.

Earlier earlier this afternoon mini#2 hit a woman in the neck with a squishy yet rather hard water ball that his friend brought to the pool and they were throwing to each other. I had just said that they were going to hit someone as I took a call from Mr. Pink on my cell phone. Then I saw mini#2 and his friend walking over to the woman with friend's mom to apologize. Apparently, she was ticked and wouldn't give the ball back! They're 5, but yes, it was wrong to be playing with that in the pool since others were around. Assaulted woman was sitting on side of the pool. My friend (mini#2's friend's mom) told me the scoop after I got off of the phone. Maybe we should have bought the woman a beer to relax. She scared the kids, but heck somebody needs to every now and then. It was an important call by the way. Mr. Pink's dad is not well so I was engrossed in the call as he has been with him for the last 2 days. After that we left before any more incidents could occur and we were asked to leave. Little did we know what awaited us at home.

And that's my exciting day. Hopefully, the late movie will keep the minis in bed later tomorrow morning. I want a few extra zzzzz's myself!

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The Mrs. said...

OMG. Landon is obsessed with camp rock cause neighbor girl brought it up! It is playing non stop here! PS stay out of the emergency room! xo