Friday, July 10, 2009

Where do you wish you could be this weekend?

Me? Definitely at the Diana Krall concert tomorrow night at Atlanta's Chastain Park. My very favorite outdoor concert experience. It's so intimate and you take your own picnic, wine and eat from TV trays. People even bring flowers in vases to adorn their trays! I love her Live In Paris cd. Here's a clip complete with Paris footage at the beginning.

Instead of the concert, I'll be here in NC entertaining relatives. Mini#1 is getting baptized on Sunday so it's a big weekend for us. My parents arrive in a few hours. Have a nice weekend wherever you are!


Pink Martini said...

A big weekend for you! Best wishes on the baptismal. I hope you got your package in the mail by now. :) Have a great weekend.

The Mrs. said...

I would like to be in Greece but I am just sweating it out in LA!

The Mrs. said...

Happy Christening!!!